No Spam Today! for Workstations

No Spam Today! for Workstations 4.8

No Spam Today! always includes the latest stable version of SpamAssassin
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In today’s modern world, everything is available at users' fingertips thanks to the Internet. But as every coin has two sides, same way Internet does have some big risks involved. Users are at risk that their mails could be malicious and/or affected by some virus. Now users don’t have to worry about such risks as NoSPAMtoday 3.1 is here for help. It is an extremely beneficial software tool for all those users who use their email for personal or professional purposes. It is a specially designed software tool for Outlook, Outlook Express and various other email clients. This wonderful software tool acts as a safeguard to the users' mailbox. It ensures that mails are protected from spams and viruses. It guarantees that all attachments have gone through its strict scanning routine before being downloaded to the clients' system. It is very good software which keeps a backup of its entire configuration file that was changed during a particular session. Also, it is a very powerful tool which provides user with a very interactive interface to work with.

maitri shah
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  • Constantly scans the incoming mails
  • Protects against spams and virus
  • Keeps back up of all configuration files
  • Mail attachments are scanned thoroughly


  • Shareware with limited trial version
  • Not compatible with LINUX platform
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